I am a mixed media artist, residing in Eastern Washington. I  began my painting career professionally  in 1997 and have been creating ever since. It all started after my first born son came into our lives. After spending our first year in and out of Emanuel hospital in Portland Oregon with our new son, I needed something to keep my mind busy. I started painting in a little class near my home. After a friend asked me to paint a mural, my business hit the ground running. I was doing murals everywhere, in peoples homes, at the medical clinic, a new market downtown even at “the Coffee store in Maui.”

Painting Murals was fun, but I really just had a desire to be home with my kids, that’s when I began painting my own ideas on Birch panels. I found great success painting large bright flowers for a local garden store, and really found a love for bold florals. Today my subject has broadened but I still maintain my bold colors, and whimsical themes. I am very inspired by illustration, and would love to explore that further.

In 2015 we lost our 15 year old son in a tragic car accident, this changed my journey and inspired me to start to teach online classes. The first free classes I did was “birds and the bees”, these classes along with “a thing called love” are my gift as a memory to my son. please feel free to email me at brandidaytonart@gmail.com for any questions.

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