Veronika Olivier week 11

00South African mixed media artist Veronika Olivier explores the possibility of photographs on canvas.

Her recent work combines photographs of children with mediums used in mixed media art.   Her perception of these materials is compatible with her current subject of exploration – fantasy, magic & stories.
Through the process of mixed media painting she creates story-like visual compositions, built upon layers of collage elements, dreamlike textures & paints, and striking imagery of her subject matter. Drawing inspiration from archetypal imagery with fantasy and storytelling references, she uses children with animals in most of her pieces.  She explores the intersection of reality and fantasy by combining traditional art techniques, contemporary cultural references, technology and unexplored flights of fantasy in her work. She begins with a digitally manipulated photograph, and then expands upon the mundane acts of everyday life by adding a bit of magic, mystery and fantasy to the photograph by work of her own hand.
Veronika also paints mixed media portraits depicting her South African and specifically Afrikaner heritage and also loves painting angels in a surreal or whimsical style.  Because of her intuitive and creative nature and her constant curiosity to explore new things there is great diversity in her painting style.
She is a full-time artist living with her husband in the country south of Johannesburg.  She works from her home studio where she does mixed media workshops, paint nights, special events and photography.  She is also an online mixed media art tutor.
Her work continues to evolve with rich new subjects and returning magical themes.



Lesson: A thing Called Love – Bless the Rains in Africa (A lesson in mixing darker skin tones – Beginner level)
Video links for lessons:

Supporting Documents:
A4 Full Face
West African Symbols

280g Mixed Media Paper
Variety of acrylic paints. Use whatever colours you prefer but I used:
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber Light
Cadmium Red
Yellow Iron Oxide
Titanium Buff
Paynes Grey
Brilliant White
Mars Black
For the background use any colours. I used:
Turquoise Green
Light Yellow
Dark Yellow
Deep Red
A variety of brushes
Art Pens
Posca Pen / Markers
Stabillo ALL Pencil
Oil Pastels
Gel Medium