Karen Campbell week 13



I am so glad you are here for this super fun project! Here are the supplies you will need:
For just the drawing portion:
~ Pencil and eraser for drawing
~ Square piece of paper of either the following two types:
Watercolor paper if you decide to use watercolors or watersoluble medium.
Bristol or Cardstock or Marker Paper if you are following along with me and using Copics/Alcohol Based Markers.
~ Sharpie (I prefer a thin one but regular would work too)
~ I’ve attached PDF’s of each of my drawings so if you prefer to trace (so you can cut to the chase and get coloring) you have my blessing to print these out, hold them up to a window, and trace over them. They are the EXACT size I used for my project and work well on a 8.5″ x 8.5″ square. So relax and have fun!!!
Supplies for the Coaster portion:
~ Epoxy/Resin like this one:https://www.amazon.com/Environmental-Technology-4-…
~ Popsicle Sticks (4)
~ Disposable Gloves (1-2 Pair)
~ Clear, plastic cups (4-6)
~ Disposable plates (4)
~ Clear, plastic shot glasses from the dollar store (2)
~ Freezer paper or wax paper or plastic disposable table cloth (protecting work space)
~ 4 Ceramic Tiles (available at hardware store) – about 12-16 cents a piece.Karen Campbell, Artist/Author of “How To Draw Fun, Fab Faces”(Amazon)