The many seasons of life and how we navigate the Storms.

It’s winter where I live. The really interesting thing about winter in the Tri-Cities, is that it always comes after fall, any of you experience that phenomenon? What? It’s not interesting? We actually had summer prior to that, and before that was spring. Ahhh spring, Spring was really lovely. I’m actually kind of afraid thatContinue reading “The many seasons of life and how we navigate the Storms.”

Musings from a rule loving, rule breaker.

Every year its the same thing, Im excited for a fresh start. In fact I would almost go as far as to say that I am addicted to fresh starts. I love a new journal, new water bottle, new organizing app. New diet, new house keeping books, new workout clothes… you get it right? AmContinue reading “Musings from a rule loving, rule breaker.”