Birds and the bees week one

    Well here we are, ready to begin his journey together in a brand new year.  I can hardly believe it, to be honest with you. I began the idea, for this workshop 2 days before October 12th, the day my son Andrew was tragically killed in a roll over vehicle accident.
    The night Andrew died, my mind couldn’t fathom ever being happy again, let alone going back to my passion of painting. After Andrews death, my family received such an outpouring of love, from friends, family, and an amazing art community. I am so grateful for the love, that was poured out to us. I began to wonder, how I could ever give that love back. I needed to see some kind of good come out of this terrible tragedy. Then I remembered, the workshop.
    So here we are January 3rd on my part of the world, January 4th on the other side. So far 650 people in this workshop from around the world! How cool is that! Some of you have never even touched a paint brush! So enough of my babbling lol, lets get this started! Welcome to “Birds and the Bees”

Video 6Birds and the Bees Facebook group 

Week one Birds and bees Supplies


Either an 11×14” wood canvas, primed or not, or a cut piece of birch plywood.
Black craft paint (any with a mat finish)
White Posca pen extra fine
Prismacolor pencils various colors that you like
Wood sealer
Any spray varnish to seal your work


note: when buying the black craft paint, buy other colors that you love, because they will be used in other lessons.
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