Birds and the bees week 3


Hi guys,
Well here is your 3rd project in birds and the
bees, and the last bird painting. The last couple weeks were hard for me. As
always you have kept my spirits up! I am so grateful for our beautiful garden
space that we have created on Facebook.

Video 4 project 3

Birds and the bees Facebook group



Lesson 3,4,5,6

6×6 or bigger square artist panel (mixed media paper such as Bristol or watercolor can be used)
Book pages are song pages

Posca pen

Acrylic paint various favorite colors/ brands

Matte medium or modge podge

Colored pencils

Flat paint brushes various

Round brushes

I buy zen brushes because they are good and inexpensive

Extras that are nice to have:

A brush bin to keep water in and clean brushes

Pallet paper

Paper towels


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