Andra Johnson week 6

Hi everyone! My name is Andra, and I am really excited to share my Week 6 project with you all this week! Here is my materials list, for those who want to work along. These are just the materials that I used, but feel free to use whatever you have! There will be a few supplies that I mention in the video that I don’t use, so this is the list of what I actually used.

Canvas covered journal (I use a Jane Davenport journal, found at Michaels, you could also use a canvas, wood panel, or gessoed watercolor paper)
Various paper elements, scrapbook pages, book pages etc.
Liquitex Matte Medium (any matte medium will do)
White Gesso
Acrylic paints: White, Unbleached Titanium, Coral, Raw Umber, Black, Red Oxide, Copper, Avocado (bright green), Olive (again, use what you have)
Various Brushes (medium oval wash or flat, medium round, small round for details, plus one scruffy brush for stenciling at least)
Mechanical Pencil
Posca Pens (Medium White, X-Fine White, X-Fine Gold)

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Video 1

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