Exciting new things!

See how happy I look!

I started a brand new adventure this week, I’m hoping you all want to come along for the ride! I am partnering with Art On The Columbia to be their “artist in residence. Here are some questions and answers about the arrangement

Question: What does this mean you are doing?

Answer: I will have my studio at art on the Columbia.

Question: What are the hours you are down there?

Answer: I will be at the studio, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Question: Can I come watch you paint?

Answer: yes, I will have my studio open from 1-4 for people to come in and watch me paint. You can ask questions about what I am doing, my process, and the products I am using. I will be down there before 1 but I will be filming online classes and product reviews.

Question: When will your online classes start coming out?

Answer: I am hoping to shoot a valentine card video this week which will take you through the entire process of designing, painting, adding words, editing your cards for print… this will be a watercolor/ mixed media class. I will be doing my other mediums as well, including large florals, but this is an easy one for me to start with. Another class I thought about was art journaling.

Question: when will you be doing in person classes?

Answer: We are working on scheduling that now. I am still coming up with what classes I want to teach.

Question; What kind of products will you be demoing?

Answer: I am planning all kinds in my head. Different kinds of canvases, such as wood verses canvas, primed, unprimed, different levels. Different paint mediums. Paint colors, all of the different shades of green, red, blue…… Anyway, you get the idea. Let me know if you want a demonstration of something.

Ill keep you posted on what’s to come!!

Published by brandidaytonart

Brandi Dayton is a mixed media artist residing currently in Washington State

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