Musings from a rule loving, rule breaker.

Every year its the same thing, Im excited for a fresh start. In fact I would almost go as far as to say that I am addicted to fresh starts. I love a new journal, new water bottle, new organizing app. New diet, new house keeping books, new workout clothes… you get it right? Am I the only one?

The funny thing is that I think there is a reason for this madness, Ive always seen it as a lack of balance in my life, by March, I have completely fallen off of the wagon. FAILED!!!! The sad thing is that I am perfectly overjoyed and happy when I am doing all of the healthy things, so why am I failing?

  1. I start out with perfectionism. I never just start eating better, I choose the most extreme diet I can find. My favorite is the whole 30, Im actually pretty good at it, but I never get off of it, I spin my wheels so hard until I crash after whole 90 or however many days I end up enduring.
  2. I end up choosing something that takes up too much of my time and energy. I love a good house cleaning/organizing routine. But here’s the thing, most of them end up taking all of my time and energy. All of the T-shirts are folded in a completely satisfying way, I have a perfectly organized check list. My toilets are scrubbed and my sink is thing. But geez, does my family not get the whole “never use that shiny sink again” rule?
  3. It starts to get really expensive. Yes I know, I should be milking my own grass fed cow, and only buying grass fed, organic, cuddled beef, and Wild Salmon that’s been gently placed in a net, by a scuba diver, but holy crap, that stuff is making me poor, organic coconut milk and all of the nuts and oils are super expensive. I end up giving up because its just not within the budget of a normal family.

So what can be done this year as I am really wanting the satisfaction of a whole new start , but do not have the time, money or energy to sustain what I have done in the past? The honest truth is that I really started in September of 2019, so coming into the year 2020 is about the time that I drop off. I don’t want to drop off darn it! Here’s my plan.

  • Most meals I am eating are paleo. This diet really is the one that feels best for my body, I successfully manage a weight I am happy with and at this age because it is anti inflammatory it helps with my ongoing joint pain. What am I not doing? I am not going out milking my own grass fed cow, buying only the most expensive triple organic veggies and eating organ meat everyday. I can not afford to eat that way, and to be honest with you, these things only overwhelm me. If I can eat organic within my budget , great! I know longer feel like I need to launch myself into total anxiety if I don’t eat all of the most perfect forms of fuel for my body. Also if im just super in the mood for a peanut butter cup, I eat it, I don’t even punish myself about it. Lets face it, I’ve failed before, I’m trying to make this a marathon not a sprint.
  • I do the same cleaning/ getting ready in the morning ritual every single day (except for weekends). Really the most important reasoning for this one, is to allow myself the time to do what I really want to do, which is paint. Setting up a daily routine gives me so much more time. Also I no longer look around my house and feel totally depressed because I have to get housework that’s piled super high done.
  • I have incorporated exercise into my life that begs me to do it. In the past, when I’ve decided to exercise, I always went to the treadmill and weight routine. Don’t get me wrong, for some people, running is a dream. I HATE running! I literally look at the timer the whole time waiting for it to be over. Ive tried everything to trick myself into liking it but I have failed. I now make it my plan to go to the gym 4 days a week. 2 days are Zumba, and 2 days are centergy. I am in love with going to the gym now, I leave class feeling completed ready to get on with my life. Working out is making me happy! Also if I do miss a day I feel disappointed, not because I’m full of shame, but because I love going.

I am so excited to hear about how you are incorporating a happier you in this new year! Let’s go out and happy the heck out of 2020, are you ready?

Published by brandidaytonart

Brandi Dayton is a mixed media artist residing currently in Washington State

6 thoughts on “Musings from a rule loving, rule breaker.

  1. No! Lol! I sat at the eye doctors office ALL day and still can’t see. (Dilation lasts about 8 hours for me). He said I am a “glaucoma suspect” and I need more tests next week😬 So my plan for this year is just painting (while being thankful that I can still see)!!! And seeing!!!
    That’s my goal! House cleaning can wait!!! 😅Now if this darn dilation would go away I can get back to work😍 Loving your blogs and you!!😘💓👍 Happy New Year💓


  2. Erma Bombeck comes to mind. You need to write a book, you are funny even when you write. Glad you started a blog. You did 100 days! All the way. And you built an AM radio. Hahaha.


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